Anonymous: do you have any tips for losing weight? Im cutting dairy out but need some tips

For me I truly believe that it is more about your mental state than anything else- I’ve tried cutting out all sorts of things over the years and it comes down to being in a healthy, positive state of mind and recognizing that it will take time. That said, I think the cutting out dairy is beneficial. I think that I do better without grains but I don’t think that it suits everyone. Also, the more plant foods, the better!

Anonymous: hello! you've probably been asked this before but do you live in southern california?

Yes, born and raised ☺️ I’ve lived in LA’s South Bay for almost a year now and love it!

Coconut filled weekend- the best kind! Both my favorite coconut water and my favorite coconut ice cream were on sale at Whole Foods #blessed 😜

Road trip snacks from a couple of weekends ago 😍 this new macaroon flavor could be my new favorite!

THIS. I would really like to learn more about the different properties of herbs- also bought a Maca Mocha one that I’m excited to try!

New favorites!! Delicious vegan, super clean protein bars from Whole Foods